RTI Music
The all new RTI MS-3 three-stream music streamer delivers native streaming from within an RTI system with full Spotify integration.

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RTIXCEL offers essential training for anyone selling, designing, installing, programming or supporting RTI systems with structured, bite-sized courses, enabling dealers to learn at their own pace. There are brand-agnostic technology modules for industry novices along with detailed RTI product training and webinar recordings. Each user should register for their own unique RTIXCEL login to track your progress, submit your assignments, and receive notification of new modules.  

APEX Online Training

Face-to-face classroom training remains impossible while we're in the grips of COVID-19, so RTI has created a comprehensive 12-part APEX Online programming course on their LMS platform, RTIXCEL. Submit your assignment file on completion to receive APEX Certification. 

A Brief Tour of Integration Designer APEX (49 mins) 

Hosted by Connected Media Australia 11.08.21, we discussed the spectrum of open and closed programming platforms and demonstrated the work-flow of Integration Design APEX. Aimed at those who are new to RTI or experienced ID9 programmers who wish to see APEX demonstrated - https://youtu.be/ROMLIHg_91U

Home Tech Talk Podcast

Listen to Connected Media General Manager, Gerrit Ryan, discussing all things RTI on Australia's Home Tech Talk podcast. https://www.hometechtalk.com.au/822739/8848722-gerrit-ryan-rti-connected-media-australia

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