Bluesound Professional

Pre-recorded webinars presented by Bluesound Professional's VP and General Manager, Graeme Harrison.

Webinar #1 - Introduction to Bluesound Professional
Recorded in August 2021 to include new BSP200 streaming PoE speaker, this comprehensive webinar is an introductory training session on the Bluesound Professional product range and the BluOS software. 

Webinar #2 - Tips and Tricks and Q&A
The one-hour course provides a comprehensive approach to commercial AV design through a series of "how to" instructions and practical tips & tricks with Bluesound Professional products based on typical real-world commercial applications.

Podcast – Bluesound Professional and Qsic
Australian-based Qsic is a commercial music streaming service offering rich browsing and search functionality with value-added services like custom curation and branded audio content development to create highly focused experiences for consumers at the point of sale. In this 30 minute podcast, Graeme Harrison, Vice President and General Manager of Bluesound Professional talks with Nick Larkins, Co-founder and COO of Qsic. Nick talks about how it came to be and how it differs from consumer music services and other business music services. Visit or phone 1300 113 279. 

Bluesound Professional Webinars


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