Landscape Bollard

Introducing the Landscape Bollard Loudspeaker from Origin Acoustics. Standing 18inches above ground, the bollard features a high performance 360-degree acoustic lens with integrated in-ground subwoofer, giving an elegant, high performance landscape audio solution for luxury home, hotel, resort, etc.

Bollards are available in three anodised aluminium finishes - black, silver and bronze, and square or round.

The Bollard has two dispersion options. One is omni-directional allowing sound to project 360 degrees from the enclosure. The second is accomplished with an insert to limit the sound to half of the dispersion or 180 degrees from the enclosure. This is perfect for border areas where you are concerned about unwanted sound spilling into a neighbour’s yard or an area where the music is simply unwanted.

A 70V transformer with 30W, 50W and an 8 ohm tap makes the speaker a perfect choice regardless of the size and number of speakers needed. DSP presets for the Bollard in the Origin DSP3-100 and DSP3-700 amplifiers assure peak performance from the system.


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