Project case studies demonstrate RTI’s control solutions applied in a wide range of environments. These custom automation case studies focus on installations completed in residential, commercial, and hospitality applications. The stories below feature summary descriptions and photos of actual RTI custom automation projects.

Australian Projects

High-End Home Theatre
RTI provides intuitive control of this reference-grade home theatre, giving the integrator complete control of the user-experience regardless of the complexity of the system. “Not only did RTI replace all of the individual component remotes with an elegant app, but it left the homeowners completely confident in operating their system,” said the cinema's designer, Alberto Vangi of Len Wallis Audio. "Our client is overjoyed with their home theatre and providing them with a high level of control was an essential element in achieving that result.”
**Featured in Sound & Image Magazine**

Calile Hotel Brisbane
The newly completed 178 room Calile Hotel is stylish and visually stunning, but much of its appeal to guests is in the soothing ambience that greets them from the moment they arrive at its entrance. Much credit for this subtle effect goes to the designers of the hotel’s AV system, Soho Sound Design and Futurism Technology Australia, whose sophisticated installation runs under the control of RTI processors, touchscreens, and interfaces.   
**Featured in SI Asia Magazine** 

Brighton Le Sands RSL Club Sydney
In 2017, the Brighton Le Sands RSL Club in Sydney underwent a complete refurbishment, which included new audio, video, and lighting systems. With its new technology, ease of use was a primary concern for club management, which wanted the systems to essentially run themselves with minimal employee intervention. Furthermore, when staff interaction was needed, management wanted employees to utilize touchscreen controllers with easy-to-understand interfaces. To meet these requirements, WED Group turned to RTI.
**Video interview with Matt Joyce, WED Group**

Massive Victorian Residence
Recently, Australian integrator Zentec wrapped up the largest and most complex residential installation the company has ever undertaken. Over the course of several years, and multiple development stages, Zentec has outfitted the home with three lighting systems, 50 automated window blinds, 17 television zones, a home theatre, 13 audio zones, three pool control systems, heating and AC systems, a security system with live camera feeds, door and gate control, and voice control via Amazon Alexa.

Stylish Sydney Home
With a penchant for entertaining, the owners of a new home in Sydney, Australia wanted to spend time with guests instead of working with their high-end AV components to play music or videos. To ensure this, not only did they require an exceptionally easy-to-use control system, but they wanted its interfaces to offer a slick, modern look. To meet both of these needs, integrator Chase AV relied on solutions from RTI.   
**Featured in Sound & Image Magazine**

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